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Modern Wrought Iron

Posted By on March 20, 2013

Wrought iron has stood the test of time for both beauty and security. Modern wrought iron railings, wrought iron fence, wrought iron gates and ornamental iron are endlessly popular for both residential and commercial properties. Both classic and contemporary wrought iron designs enhance the style and class of any building.

Modern, contemporary iron work is used for ornamental driveway gates, fences, garden gates, balcony ballustrades, handrails, security window grates and security bars. Modern craftsmen include custom initials and unique designs into custom gates and security door grills.

Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates add security and enhance the beauty of your property.  A custom gate will enhance your existing architecture while providing the security to keep you and your property safe.  Custom gates range from single entry gates, to beautifully custom designed, double entry driveway gates with automatic openers.  Old World wrought iron style will add class to any commercial or residential driveway, garden or entrance plus create a greater amount of privacy.

wrought iron gate denver
Photo courtesy of A Straight Up Fence Co.

Wrought Iron for Security Window Grates and Bars

Custom wrought iron grates and grilles are used to both protect and add beauty to your property.

wrought iron bars denver

Photo courtesy of A Straight Up Fence Co.

Wrought Iron Railings and Ballustrades

Wrought iron balustrades and railings add style and class to apartment and hotel balconies.  They can greatly enhance the beauty and security of the balcony. Both modern and traditional designs are used to match the building’s architecture.  Wrought iron railing ranges in widespread use from specially designed residential handrails to larger commercial projects for apartments, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial needs.

wrought iron railings denver

Photo courtesy of A Straight Up Fence Co.

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron is a widely used for both residential and commercial properties. In commercial properties, wrought iron is used for perimeter fencing around pools, playgrounds, soccer fields, arenas, and any other location where keeping a secure and enclosed location is required.

wrought iron fence denver

Photo courtesy of A Straight Up Fence Co.

Automatic Gates

Posted By on January 31, 2013

Automatic gates are a great addition to your property to provide extra security. Installing an automatic gate will go a long way toward keeping animals and kids in and keeping unwanted visitors out. In addition, automated gate systems enhance the curb appeal of your home and come in wrought iron, cedar, chain link and plastic.

All custom automatic gates are powder coated with multiple color choices and styles available to match your home and yard. Look for gates made of heavy gauge steel and durable hardware. Both swinging and sliding gates are available depending on your needs and property layout. Accessories in an automatic gate system can include safety devices, loops, radio controls, transmitters, keypads, keyless entry systems and telephone entry systems.

cedar automatic gate
Photo courtesy of A Straight Up Fence Co.

For ease of access customers with driveway gates often need an automatic opener. Automatic gate openers can run electrically or from solar power. Solar power is inexpensive to install and maintain.

Electric opening gates require a conduit be run from the gate motor to the houses electrical panel and is where the added cost comes in to play. Automatic gates come in a variety of configurations including single swing-out, single swing-in, double in/out swing and sliding.

Photo courtesy of A Straight Up Fence Co.

Emergency Entrance

Your automatic gate system must have a method to allow fire trucks and ambulances to enter your property when the gate is closed, even if the power is out and the batteries are low.  Some of these options include Click-2-Enter – this uses the truck’s two-way radio.  You can also use a special access key that that activates an emergency override key switch outside the gate or a lock box labeled Fire Dept. that contains a gate override.  You can get a siren or stobe light sensor or a garage door opener type system with a code that is unique to emergency service providers.

These methods assume the gate has power.  Many automatic gate systems use battery backup to ensure power to the gate.  However, there may be an event where there is no main power, batteries are dead or low, or some other component has failed.  For these situations, the gate system should have a fail-safe mode where the lock automatically opens and stays open so the gate can be pushed open by hand.


Security Doors in Denver: Styles and Types for Every Taste and Need

Posted By on March 3, 2011

The purpose of security doors in Denver is exactly that – to keep you safe inside your home and to protect your property. Now, you don’t have to settle for the unattractive models. Whichever type of Denver security door you decide to go with from the two types available, you will no doubt find one that will appeal to you.

The two types of residential security doors in Denver are:

  1. The solid door
  2. The openwork steel door resembling wrought-iron with tempered glass behind the panel. (construction-index dot com).

Other types of security doors available include those used on yachts, entrances to special (hidden) rooms and those for vaults.

Why a Security Door

Unless you live in a gated, guarded community with an expensive alarm system – and, even those homes have been known to be robbed – no one is 100 percent safe from being robbed. FBI statistics claim that “Crime against property occurs on the average of 20 times a minute with an estimated $1,000 loss for each occurrence.” (howtoadvice dot com) If you do not have the cash to live in such neighborhoods, your next best bet is to install a security door.

Components of Security Doors

There are six major components of Denver security doors:

  • Bolt: this is what keeps the door locked. Depending on the class (Class I – IV), the bolt should be able to withstand force of varying degrees. The higher the class the more abuse the bolt should withstand. (ehow dot com)
  • Jam and wall: Normally, the jam is metal and the wall is reinforced. (ehow dot com)
  • Cylinder: Composed of keyway, tumbler mechanism and cylinder tumbler.
  • Lock-in Knob: Some security doors in Denver have the locking mechanism located in the knob, which can be locked/unlocked via a button or a key.
  • Hinges: Must be able to withstand at least 150 lbs of force. Class IV doors may withstand up to 200 lbs. (ehow dot com), and
  • The security door itself. (ehow dot com)


Your security doors Denver need not be plain. This security door has been custom-made depicting a Tamashiro sun in copper vein. (Photo courtesy of ironcraftinaz, Flickr.)

Ordinary Solid Door Appearance

These types of Denver security doors have the appearance of a normal wooden door though they are manufactured out of steel. Normally, the specification of this type of door includes:

  • 1″ x 2″ or 1″ x 3″ door construction with mitered corners
  • Heavy duty 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ exterior frame with mitered corners
  • U. V. resistant polyethylene coated foam with weather strip
  • 1″ x 7/16″ powder coated screen frames with insect screens
  • Kwickset double deadbolt
  • Kwickset lever handle
  • Wall bumper or door chain
  • Spy hole (doors-info dot com)

The purpose of these security doors in Denver is to withstand forced entry. The secondary locking system is composed of multiple locking points and, depending on the particular manufacturer the locks, come with a protective plate and replaceable cartridge. Other important lock specifications include resistance to drilling, acid, cutting, and passkey. (securitycertifieddoors dot ie)

Openwork Steel Door with Wrought Iron Design

Just because we are discussing security doors, it does not mean that such need to be plain and dreary. Openwork steel security doors in Denver are normally manufactured out of 14-gauge steel with ½” – ¾”wrought iron. (oldirondoors dot com) These doors also come with a tempered glass back panel.

Double Cherry Security Door w/ Glass. (Photo courtesy of Allied Gate Co., Flickr.)

The advantage of these security doors Denver is that they are not only aesthetically pleasing but, you can come up with your own custom design. Another specification you may wish to add includes anti-ballistic capabilities.

Intruder with Fire Door

Aside from providing protection from intruders these security doors in Denver also provide protection in case of fire until first responders arrive. Also, these doors are designed so that the room is sealed against smoke and flames entering, thus preventing those inside from suffering or dying from smoke inhalation. (mastersecuritydoors dot com)

Safe Room / Panic Room Doors

The purpose of safe or panic rooms is to keep the home’s residents or business employees safe and in a locked environment until law enforcement arrives and, where the threat – primarily robbers – is unable to get to them.

Safe/panic security doors also come in handy in case of extreme inclement weather such as hurricanes and tornados.

On a side note, these rooms may also be ordered custom made to include alarm systems, phones and other communication devices. (saferoom dot com)

Another extra is to have bullet-proof safe room or panic room security doors.


Another option to choose from when deciding about Denver security doors is doors with anti-ballistic capabilities. These security doors are able to prevent different caliber weapons from destroying the locking mechanism or puncturing the door itself.

Anti-ballistic doors are manufactured with UL 752 listed materials. Should you opt for an open work steel door design, you may custom order a bullet-proof glass panel that uses bullet resistant fiberglass panels, acrylics, glass-clad polycarbonate, laminated glass or polycarbonate.

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